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Dynamics Seminar by Bob Rink on December 13

Dynamics Seminar by Bob Rink on December 13
Thomas Lin/Quanta Magazine

On Wednesday 13th of December at 4pm in the MathLab, Bob Rink (VU Amsterdam) will give an Amsterdam Dynamics seminar.

The talk will take place in the Maryam seminar room (9A-46) and everyone is welcome to join for drinks at Bar Boele after the talk.

Title: What’s different about synchronization on hypernetworks?

Abstract: Many networked systems are governed by so-called higher order (non-pairwise) interactions. Such interactions can be encoded in terms of a hypernetwork. I will define a class of dynamical systems on hypernetworks, and will explain how to classify robust cluster synchronization patterns by finding balanced partitions. Next, I will show that synchronization in hypernetwork systems is determined by polynomial systems of high order. Hence, unlike in classical/dyadic networks, cluster synchronization on hypernetworks is a higher-order, nonlinear effect. It turns out that this leads to a remarkable type of “reluctant” synchrony breaking bifurcations in hypernetwork systems. This is joint work with Eddie Nijholt and Soeren von der Gracht.