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Dynamics Seminar by Georg Gottwald (University of Sydney) on June 12

Dynamics Seminar by Georg Gottwald (University of Sydney) on June 12
Thomas Lin/Quanta Magazine

On Wednesday the 12th of June at 4 pm, Georg Gottwald (VU Amsterdam) will give an Amsterdam Dynamics seminar.

The talk will take place in the Maryam seminar room (9A-46).

Title: Lévy flights as an emergent phenomenon in a spatially
extended system

Abstract: Anomalous diffusion and Levy flights, which are
characterized by the occurrence of random discrete jumps of all
scales, have been observed in a plethora of natural and engineered
systems, ranging from the motion of molecules to climate signals.
Mathematicians have recently unveiled mechanisms to generate anomalous
diffusion, both stochastically and deterministically. However, there
exists to the best of our knowledge no explicit example of a spatially
extended system which exhibits anomalous diffusion without being
explicitly driven by L\'evy noise. We provide the first explicit
example of a stochastic partial differential equation which albeit
only driven by normal Gaussian noise supports anomalously diffusive
propagating front solutions. This is an entirely emergent phenomenon
without explicitly built-in mechanisms for anomalous diffusion. This
is joint work with Chunxi Jiao.